About BitExchanger.su Our achievements and future plans

BitExchanger.su is an automated platform that allows instant transfer from one electronic currency to another. You do not need to create an account! But if you do register, you will have access to the Discount System.

The platform works in an automatic mode round the clock and without days off. For example, you can instantly exchange the Bitcoin currency for Litecoin or Litecoin for Bitcoin. Just select the desired exchange direction and follow the instructions.


Most of our clients are redirected to our other customers - and we are very proud of this. Our reputation is based on the high quality of the services provided. Our customers can be contacted here. Since 2009 and until today, such reviews have accumulated several thousand.

Reliability and safety

The system created by us allows us to take care of the privacy and security of your data. Our servers are located in a data center protected in DDOS-attacks in Switzerland.

Ease of use

Our task is to make each stage of the exchange transaction as simple, convenient and enjoyable as possible so that the use of the service evokes exceptionally positive emotions.


Regardless of the amount specified in your application, you will always be treated with maximum attention. BitExchanger.su has an excellent customer support service.

We hope that you are also pleased to use our services, as we are - to provide them to you.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us.